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Started watching "Attack on Titan". Pretty good so far, but I have a question:

Why the westernized names for things? "Wall Maria", Eren Yaeger, Mikasa Ackermann...

Is it a way to appeal to a western audience, or maybe to provide an exotic appeal to the japanese audience?

And is it consistent with the #manga?

#attackontitan #anime
never read the manga so I can't say for sure, but western names are super common in anime. I remember watching one of the first shows I ever saw, and wondering why they picked names that were impossible for the Japanese voice actors to pronounce. 😄 It happens so commonly I don't even notice it now.
@chiasm Yeah, it's a bit odd. I haven't seen a lot, of anime, but I do remember it from the #Evangelion series as well.

Any guess as to why this is a thing?
I can only speculate... There are so many loan words in Japanese, there's been a great deal of cross fertilization among cultures over the centuries. Given the close connection with the US if you want to call it that, after world war II, I can imagine that maybe the western names don't sound as strange to them as they do to us out of context?
@chiasm It probably works better from japanese point of view.
so much of Japanese goes back and forth between English/other languages and Japanese, it probably doesn't sound as odd, yeah. I learned the word for "rules" the other day but in anime all I ever hear is "ruru" for rules...
The architecture is aligned with a central European area, so the names for many are similarly aligned. So, Germanic sounding names are not so unexpected.
@David Green Good point! Now that you mention it, I recall Mikasa's mother being explicitly described as "asian" or something to that degree.
It doesn't take place in Japan. Why use Japanese names? Where does it take place? Is it mentioned somewhere?

I automatically figured it to take place in Japan... *oops*